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Company events

The year 1999

June 11 SafeTrans International Company Limited was found 
November SafeTrans Beijing and Shanghai Offices registered

December SafeTrans Moscow and Zabajkalsk Representative offices established,SafeTrans became the first Chinese freight forwarding company with the ability of redelivery of containers from Russia to China.

The year 2000

November SafeTrans Urumuqi Representative office opened, connecting China’s coast to the Northwest gateways.

December signed long term agreement with Huawei, became Huawei’s largest land based shipping partner, carrying more than 80% of Huawei’s cargo shipments to Russia and Central Asia.

The year 2001

February established Druzba representative office, thus having total control over our transhipment at border stations.

August opened Hangzhou Office

September SafeTrans Ala-mata and Qingdao offices opened, connecting a complete distributed shipping network from China coast line to China inland and Central Asia.

The year 2002

SafeTrans’ first annual meeting occurred in Beijing, over 20 employees from Moscow, Kazahkstan, Xinjiang, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing, Qingdao all participated, laying the foundation for SafeTrans International Railroads’ network platform.

November cargo shipment to Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia reached 608 TEU.

The year 2003

January SafeTrans Second Annual Meeting at Tianyu Hotel Sanya, corporate decided to start hire graduates from Dalian Institute of Foreign Languages and Beijing Economic and Trade University to start preparing future employees for SafeTrans

September cargo shipment to Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia reached 888 TEU.

The year 2004

January the Third Annual Meeting at Beijing Jiuhuashan Villa, established the SafeTrans corporate culture of “Personal Dignity”

April SafeTrans was approved by MOFCOM as A class international freight forwarding business Certificate

May SafeTrans International Beijing Company Limited officially registered hence established

July SafeTrans Shanghai office opened

August Shenzhen office opened

September Russian, Central Asian and Mongolian cargo services experienced rapid growth, monthly cargo shipments reached 1,354 TEU.

October joined Beijing Forwarding and Warehousing Association.

The year 2005

January SafeTrans donated 20,000 to the Indian Ocean Tsunami victims

February Xinjiang Office opened

March the fourth annual meeting at Haikou,SafeTrans became the first shipping company capable of redlivery of containers from Central Asia back to China

August Monthly container shipments to Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia reached 1,404 TEU

The year 2006

January the Fifth Annual meeting at Redwood forest hotel Sanya

February closed Shanghai Office

June closed Nanjing Office

August established Qingdao office, started SafeTrans’ own wagon plan program in Qingdao.

October joined WCA

The year 2007

January the Sixth Annual meeting at Sanya Sheraton Hotel

March SafeTrans Sea and Air freight department established in Beijing, Ocean and Air shipment officially joined regular services

April SafeTrans Xinjiang Office opened

July Monthly cargo container count to Russia, Central Asia and Mongolia reached 1,607 TEU

The year 2008

July SafeTrans International Company Limited and its employees donated a total of ¥45,600 to the Wenchuan Earthquake victims

October joined PetroChina shipping partner program

Until end of year, containers redelivered from Central Asia reached 4,500 units

The year 2009

January the seventh annual meeting at Hainan Amy Hotel

June SafeTrans Canadian office opened, joining SafeTrans Sea and Air shipping department and completed special oil shipment project, shipping oil specific equipment CTU from Calgary, Alberta through Seattle to Xingang combining trucking, ocean, railroad, shipped a total of 12 CTU over 3 years

The year 2010

January the eighth annual meeting in Hangzhou Qiandao Lake

January SafeTransTashkan office opened

May SafeTrans Kazahkstan based branch company established became the first Chinese forwarding company capable of legitmate account settlement in Kazahkstan

The year 2011

October the ninth annual meeting occurred in Qingdao Wanda hotel

November SafeTrans signed long term agreement with GAZ, became the largest land based shipping partner for automobile engine from North China to Russia

Sea and Air shipping department fulfilled a charter shipping of 70D drilling rig by twenty thousand CBM from Xingang to Iran

The year 2012

February received ISO certificate

September the tenth annual meeting occurred in UrumuqiYindu Hotel, reaching the decision to establish a Horgos office. Air and Sea shipping department

Sea and Air shipping department fulfilled a Thai government computer import project as an exclusive logistics contractor

December SafeTrans increased the registered capital up to 10 millions

The year 2013

January Horgos Office opened